ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sklearn'

Hi while deploying created app on streamlit cloud i am getting error " ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘sklearn’'. This is despite when my requirement.txt file contain mentioning of scikit-learn and app contain import sklearn.
My Github Repo is : GitHub - rohitmalhotra67/Machine_Dashboard: Machine Dashboard.

App is working fine in local pc.

Please help. I really like using streamlit want to continue using it.

Hi @Rohit_Malhotra :wave:

You’ve misspelled the filename. It’s requirements.txt, not requirement.txt.

I am currently experiencing the same problem. In my local system as well as on Streamlit Cloud.
I have installed scikit-learn in my system

Hi @hfn_13,

Welcome to the Streamlit forum :balloon: Please read through the guidelines on how to post an effective question on the forum – in particular, please share a link to your GitHub repo, Streamlit Cloud app, and your requirements file.

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@hfn_13 welcome to st community firstly. i think you need to pip install the required module.
eg: pip install -U scikit-learn
and then push to with pip freeze > requirements.txt

requirements.txt will take care the same for streamlit cloud deployment

Thank you for the prompt responses. I am now facing a larger issue.
my github repo is hfn13/Player-Performance-Metric: Analyze and compare different player performance metrics. (