Multi-page sidebar categorized into subdirectories


When you have more pages, you will want to display the list of pages categorized in subdirectories in the sidebar as well, categorized in the same way.


MVP: What is the minimum solution that will solve 80% of the problem?
I couldn’t figure out how to make it with a custom component, so I forked the streamlit body and made a modified implementation.
If there is demand, I will try to create a pull-request.
I have not added test code yet.
It would be helpful if you could tell me what I should pay attention to before creating a pull-request.

Additional Context.

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@yasudakn I definitely think you should add a pull request against the project for this. Subdirectories are a much needed improvement upon the existing multipage functionality. Right now I have a large number of streamlit apps that I would like to be able to nest.

One a somewhat related topic are you aware of a way to run multiple multipage apps at once. In place of nesting in the sidebar of one app I would like to be able to have each app running in a docker container so that I can build a homepage with a link to each app.

Although this solution didn’t exist at the time of the op, there is a package now for this (creating sections in navigation):


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