Multipage App - customizing sidebar

I’ve been trying to customize the multi-page app navbar and have found some very helpful answers to change the css to make it look more like what I have in mind. However, I am stuck with one problem:

If I have more than 3 or 4 pages, the sidebar hides some of the page options and I have to click on the line below the navigation-elements to expand them. Is there a way to change that, so that per default it shows the expanded version? I am able to change it round with the css a bit so that it looks fine on my screen, but as soon as I change devices / desktop resolution, this all falls apart, so I am thinking that simply having the navigation expanded per default might be my best option - if only I could find out how to do that?

Hi @MissHapgood could you provide us with some screens and code? (minimal reproducible example)?