Multiple Number Input Boxes

I am trying to change this tkinter page to Streamlit based on the picture that I have attached. My problem right now is I have a lot of multiple inputs.
My intention is to develop a web app where the user needs to enter this multiple input boxes and once the user hit “Run/Submit”, it will generate a dataframe.
Is there a way to do this in Streamlit?
As you can see from the parameter on the sidebar, the user needs to fill in the inputs (all the parameters i.e. Gas Rate, CGR, WGR, PRES contains a similar input title. The only difference is the Reservoir Input). Once the user fill up all the input boxes (approximately 40 inputs), there will be a submit button and a dataframe will be generate.
Hope someone can help me with this problem. Thank you.

Hi @Naqo, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This sounds like a use-case for st.form: