Multiple Sessions Issue with Supabase Auth

Multiple Sessions Issue with Supabase Auth

Hey Streamlit team, thanks for all of the great work!

Iโ€™m attempting to add authentication using supabase according to the docs here, but I seem to be missing something.

When a user logs in on their session, that session is persisted across all other users. Two different users canโ€™t be logged in at the same time. And any visitor is automatically authenticated if someone else is logged in.

I believe the problem comes from this line of code here:

if supabase.auth.get_user():

This returns the latest user across all sessions, not necessarily the active userโ€™s session.

Loom Demo Video:
Problem Explanation Video

Example App URL:

GitHub Repo:

Streamlit Version: streamlit==1.28.2
Python 11

Thanks for your help on this!

Hi Chad_Bell, I experienced the same problem as you. What I did in the end was the following (there might be a better solution):

I abstracted the supabase client as follows:

url: str = os.environ.get("SUPABASE_URL")
key: str = os.environ.get("SUPABASE_KEY")

class SupabaseEngine:
    def __init__(self, url, key):
        self.supabase: Client = create_client(url, key)

And then stored the instance in the session_state:

if "supabase" not in st.session_state:
     st.session_state['supabase'] = SupabaseEngine(url, key).supabase

The downside is that when a user hits the refresh button, then the user is logged out.

Hope this helps.


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