Multiselect custom matching

The mutiselect can take options as object and we can specify format_func to specify the label to be displayed in dropdown. How can we make the multiselect filtering independent of label? I would like to show matches matching any of the attribute value. i.e. in below example, I would like user to search/filter using string “SN” or “Some”, currently it works with “Some” only. Any suggestions/workarounds to support this? (I do not want to show concatenated option string to user, if you are going to suggest that).

import streamlit as st

selection = st.multiselect('Select', [{"name": "Some Name", "short_name": "SN", "some_other_attr": "Name"}, {"name": "Other Name", "short_name": "ON", "some_other_attr": "Other"}], format_func=lambda opt: opt['name'])