My app is not loading

I deployed one app using streamlit sharing. The app was working fine until yesterday. Now the app says -


This app has gone over its resource limits. Please try again in a few minutes.

What should I do to get my app working normally? Please help.

Hey @Rajesh_Kumar1,

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There could be many things that are making your app go over its resource limit. On our Community cloud platform, each app gets 1 GB of each CPU and RAM. And without access to the code the best I can suggest is to checkout our posts about making your apps more efficient to avoid going over resources and getting the Argh page:

There are some tips and tricks to help your app:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

I made my app github repository private. After that, this issue arose. Now I made it public and did a reboot. The app is working fine.
Thank you.

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Hey @Rajesh_Kumar1,

If your cloud account is in the community tier (i.e. it’s free) then you can’t have apps from private repos which is likely why you encountered the error.

If you want to be able to deploy apps from private repos then you can check out the paid tiers here:

Happy Streamlit-ing