My component frame v1 not displaying when i deploy my app

I have deploying my app on share streamlit but my component :
st.components.v1.iframe(“http://HERON:8050/”, width =1200, height= 1000, scrolling = True)

does not display.
In my local server, it works fine.
WHat did i wrong ?

Thank you for helping me

Hi @Agar -

What does http://HERON:8050 refer to, a local server?


Hi, thank you for responding,

Yes it’s a local server
I don’t know how to do for displaying that.
I want to display a dashboard made with shapash who run in local server. This dashboard, i want to integrate in my streamlit application

The issue you have is that your local server address isn’t understood by Streamlit Cloud. So when you refer to that address, it doesn’t resolve.

It’s unlikely that you want to open a local computer to receive traffic to the internet, and most internet providers don’t provide that functionality. So you need to have that other dashboard deployed somewhere publicly as well.


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Ok thank you, do you mean that i have to deployed the dashboard on cloud and to share this dashboard in streamlit for example ? Do you have an idea how can i do that?