My computer vision app to predict diseases in plants

Hello everyone,

I am new to the community! I’d like to share my first app. It’s a computer vision app with a pytorch resnext_50_32_4d model that predicts diseases in cassava plant images.

Hnet-image (1)

I also wrote a blog post: My Experience Deploying an App with Streamlit Sharing with some tips to debug your app and overcome the memory leak problem.

This is my first Streamlit App, any feedback about the app or the blog post is welcome! I hope the tips could help someone out there!

Link to the blog post: My experience deploying an App with streamlit sharing

Link to the App: Cassava disease prediction App

Github repo: cld-app-streamlit

P.S. I’d like if a streamlit engineer could kindly share with me my app’s memory usage to see if my memory usage plateaus or keeps increasing! TIA