My superapp: machine learning, computer vision, statistics, LLMs, all in one app!

Hi, I’d like to share this app I’ve been working on for quite some time!



A/B Test


Chatbot with RAG

Live webcam object detection

There are several more features, feel free to explore them!

Note: everything related to the OpenAI API (DALL-E + chatbots and text embeddings) might not properly work since I am using a free-tier OpenAI account.



I wanted to share that I’m quite impressed with the app you’re developing, though I haven’t fully explored it yet. I have a question that might seem a bit naive. I’ve noticed that when entering your app, there’s no loading process that indicates it’s a Streamlit app. I’m developing a Streamlit app for clients and would like to remove or hide this initial loading screen. Is there a way to display the main page only after it has completely loaded, without showing the typical Streamlit loading process?

Thank you.

Hi ! Thank you for your review, and do not hesitate to go further in details once you explore it all :slight_smile:

As for the loading screen, I did not do anything particular. Maybe this is related to the streamlit super app library? Streamlit Super App library released (easy multipage, persistent state)

great app

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Hey @franciscodelca,

You probably want to upgrade to latest 1.29 streamlit version. Indeed:

  • :x: The “Made with Streamlit” footer no longer appears at the bottom of apps (#7583).

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