Need pywin32

Cloud wont allow me to install pywin32 from my requirements.txt but i need the module. I know its because it doesnt work with linux but any work around? unable to launch app because of it. THANKS

Hi @Matt_Willenbring, welcome to the community! :wave:

The pywin32 module is available only on Windows. Unfortunately, there is no workaround I know of to install it on Debian/Linux. Just curious: would you mind sharing your use-case for pywin32 and why you’re unable to launch your app without it?

Best, :balloon:

using the dispatch feature to call a third party application to run calculations. is there a different module that can be substituted for this?

Well, that depends on what the third party application is and what OS it supports. If the application has a corresponding Linux package, you could install it via a packages.txt file, and call the application from your app by invoking Python’s subprocess Module.