New app - Cannot find My module

My app has a module that I have had to configure using PYTHONPATH on my local machine. How do i do this on streamlit cloud?

Directory structure
root/my_package (folder)
root/my_package2 (folder)

streamlit_run root/package_folder/

Importing in
from my_package… import something
from my_package2 … import something

When i run the app, i am getting an error that my_package is not found

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Hi @Megheg694,

Right now, we don’t support PYTHONPATH. Instead, we would recommend moving into your root folder.

I hope that helps.


streamlit is showing this error

need help

Github respository link:GitHub - swati-2424/

Could you please rename the file “requirements (1).txt” to “requirements.txt”?

Also, make sure to install the correct version of matplotlib. That should hopefully solve the issue.

Let me know.


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thank you so much …its working now

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Gad to hear!

Happy Streamlitin’! :balloon:


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