New Component: st_img_pastebutton


Streamlit component that allows you to create button to paste image from clipboard.

Videotogif (21)

confirmed that it works with chrome,safari,edge. it doesn’t work with firefox

Installation instructions

pip install st_img_pastebutton

Usage instructions

import streamlit as st
from st_img_pastebutton import paste
from io import BytesIO
import base64

st.header("Image Clipboard Example")
st.write("Click the button below to upload an image from your clipboard.")

image_data = paste(key="image_clipboard")

if image_data is not None:
    header, encoded = image_data.split(",", 1)
    binary_data = base64.b64decode(encoded)
    bytes_data = BytesIO(binary_data)
    st.image(bytes_data, caption="Uploaded Image", use_column_width=True)
    st.write("No image uploaded yet.")


streamlt run
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