New Component: streamlit-cropper

Hey everyone, I’d like to announce my component: streamlit-cropper. It’s a simple way to integrate a cropper into your streamlit app. Check it out at and you can install with pip install streamlit-cropper.

This is my first component (or for that matter project posted on GitHub and distributed on PyPi), so let me know what you think!


This is awesome @turner-anderson :star_struck:! Will test ASAP tomorrow!

(also I was surprised you used my drawable canvas as inspiration ahah, you managed to go through my mess :slight_smile: well I’m also going to use your background image code for one of my issues :wink:. Thanks for the mention in your repo


Awesome, thanks for sharing @turner-anderson! I’m glad to hear that the process of creating Components has given you the ability to move into the developer category :slight_smile: