New guideline: please tag your post with either "discussion" or "debugging"

Hey Streamlitters :wave:

To help our community answer forum questions more easily, we’re asking that you tag your posts with either debugging or discussion:

Debugging posts are posts where community members are sharing a specific error or issue with their code. Debugging posts must include a minimal reproducible example or a link to your app’s public GitHub repository (ideally both!).

By “minimal reproducible example”, we mean that you should include just enough code (not the whole app :wink:) to enable others to reproduce the problem. Check out StackOverflow’s guide to creating a minimal, complete, and verifiable example. Ensure that your example works by running it yourself before posting.

Debugging posts should also answer these questions:

  • What is the full error message?
  • What have you tried so far to solve the issue? Be specific in explaining how your past approaches have not worked.
  • What version of Streamlit and Python are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Are you running the code locally? If not, where is the app deployed?

Debugging posts that don’t include a code snippet or GitHub repo link will be tagged with needs-more-info to indicate that we’re waiting for the post author to add more context.

Discussion posts aren’t focused on a specific error – instead, the authors of these posts are looking to have a more general discussion with the Streamlit community, usually about best practices. These posts aren’t required to include a code snippet or GitHub repository link, since the goal of these posts is to hear viewpoints and recommendations from the community rather than to solve a specific error.

As always, check out our forum guide for more general instructions on posting questions in the Streamlit forum.

Got a question about this new guideline? Let us know in this thread!