New open-source app for summarizing and chatting (Q&A) with YouTube videos!

Hey Folks, I’ve built an app that allows you to summarize and chat with YouTube videos! It’s key features include a custom prompt for summaries, the possibity to choose from different OpenAI models and adjusting their settings. The Chat feature allows you to perform Q&A on YouTube videos of any length! Please check it out and support it on Streamlit Cloud & GitHub:

Here is a more detailed list of the app’s features:

  • provide a custom prompt for summaries :writing_hand:
    • you can tailor the summary to your needs by providing a custom prompt or just use the default summarization
  • automatically save summaries :open_file_folder:
    • the summaries can be automatically saved in the directory where you run the app. The summaries will be available under <YT-channel-name>/<video-title>.md
  • create your own knowledge base :floppy_disk:
    • once you process a video, you can chat with it at any time!
  • choose from different OpenAI models :robot:
    • currently available: gpt-3.5-turbo, gpt-4 (turbo), gpt-4o
    • by choosing a different model, you can summarize even longer videos and potentially get better responses
  • experiment with settings :gear:
    • adjust the temperature and top P of the model
  • choose UI theme :paintbrush:
    • go to the three dots in the upper right corner, select settings and choose either light, dark or my aesthetic custom theme

:handshake: I’m working on adding more features and am open to feedback and contributions. If you find the app useful, please consider giving the repository a :star: on GitHub.

:warning: Unfortunately, the Chat part is not available on streamlit cloud as it requires an instance of ChromaDB. However, you can set this up locally very easilly with Docker on your PC! Check out the usage instructions on GitHub!

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