Newest Streamlit editable dataframe prevents Excel copying & pasting


This issue is related to v1.23.0 streamlit editable dataframe
When deployed locally you can copy from Excel and paste into editable dataframe. However, when using the deployed on the network (e.g. using the network url), that feature is no longer supported.

Steps to reproduce

A simple example is to head over here:

Try copying a few cells from Excel into the table there. You have to click into an individual and then paste it. You can’t paste the multiple cells at once.

Thanks for reporting this issue. @snehankekre fixed it in our docs; we missed the clipboard permission for some examples.

Also, we have a section on copy to clipboard with some tips to get it working on the bottom of the section here. If none of the tips work for you, it would be great if you could share additional information about your deployment so that we can investigate that.

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