NGINX Reverse Proxy Issue

Hello everyone,

I want to use nginx as a reverse proxy on my server but when I try to use, I got 502 Bad Gateway Error. Can anyone help me about this? I tried How to use Streamlit with Nginx? - :rocket: Deployment - Streamlit, but it not worked for me. Can anyone help me about that?

Console output:

Nginx Conf File:

At a minimum you are missing some of the config lines to allow the connection to upgrade itself to a websocket. I see these lines in the config example you linked, but not your config, specifically these bits:

proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";

Those two headers are needed for nginx to be able to proxy a websocket connection. Here’s more info if you are interested:

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I solved the issue but now streamlit app stuck on loading screen… How can I solve it can anyone help?

BTW, root cause of main problem is nginx user can’t access to upstream server so I add nginx user to the wheel with this command sudo usermod -aG wheel nginx and set enforce to 0 with this command sudo setenforce 0 this solved the problem.

Hi Sully,

Thank for your reply. I edited the conf file but it is same

Do you have any other suggestion?

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