No HACKs more STREAMLIT - Responsiveness below 640px not work very well

Unfortunately I see that Streamlit is not behaving properly with responsiveness.

I did a few tests and noticed that below 640px it gets lost.
Responsiveness is currently something very important and there’s no way the screen isn’t working 100%.

I got excited about Streamlit, I see it has huge potential, but it suffers in basic things and the community is still small.

I would like to see more interaction from the Streamlit team on the forum itself, responding or passing on more information about what is happening and what are the predictions for improvements, etc…

Anyway, I’ll stick around until Streamlit is a little better on this issue and on others I’ve already mentioned in another post.

Don’t get me wrong, the purpose here is to convey my feeling of a novice user who immediately felt some difficulties…ok