No such file or directory

Hi everyone, this is new user at Streamlit Community.
Here is the no-file-found problem I have during my code running, though weirdly it doesn’t appear any problem when I run it at local.
Also, I am using “/” instead of "" in my code. I have checed this point. Thank you Streamlit Community. Here is my Github link: GitHub - 7qinli/credit-risk-evaluator: Streamlit Interface developed for credit risk evaluation for applicants
.py file is the original code file. Thank you for any help or insight!! Have a nice day.

There is no /Users directory in the streamlit cloud environment. Use paths relative to to root of your reposirory.

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I cannot appreciate more for your insight. The correct way is just to insert (“knn_model2.p”,“rb”) afer the word “open”. Thank you so much. Hope this can help other people that have the same question.
Enjoy the weekend!!

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