Noob: Radio buttons to show different pages and implementing a link/map to google or similiar

Hi there, so I have 2 problems and since i am new to programming u probably can help me with that

I) my idea is to use radio buttons on the left and when u click on it on the right (main page) the content pops up. How can I do that ? :slight_smile:

II) I want to implement a little map showing the position of a certain adress; e.g. the adress is Berlin City, Karl-Marx-Straße 2 -_> for this a link exists and a small map within the page showing the location. Is that possible or impossible ? And how can i noob friendly get to this ? :smiley: sry for my english and thanks in advance

Hey Maow,

These are pretty broad questions, especially with out any code snippets that show what you are working on. So I will make a couple of general suggestions of things you can try:

  1. you could use if statements (I am assuming when you say “on the left” here you mean in the sidebar):
import streamlit as st 
my_button ="Some numbers", ('2','5', '10')) 

if my_button == '2':
     do some stuff
elif my_button == '5': 
    other things
    other other things
  1. You can put maps in a Streamlit app. My advice is to download Streamlit and run streamlit hello from your terminal. There is a demo of making a deck_gl map. Also check out our documentation it’s really intuitive and can take you step-by-step through multiple tutorials!

Happy Streamlit-ing!!

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