Object_detection library can not be installed when deploying app

Hi there,
My app doesn’t work when I host it via streamlit, it does work locally. The problem is cause by a library called object detection. I need version 0.1, so in my requirements file i have object_detection==0.1. This does not work because according to the error the most recent version is 0.0.3. Does anybody know a solution to this problem?

Do you mean this package? object-detection · PyPI If so, it does indeed look like 0.0.3 is the latest version, so 0.1 doesn’t exist, which is why installing it is failing.

That is where it becomes confusing for me. Because when I use pip show object detection I get

when I change my reqs to 0.0.3 it misses some of the utils necessary for my code

I found it missis a file string_int_label_map_pb2.py, does anybody know how to add it to a package?

That seems to be a different package.

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