Oh no. Error running app .. help

Running my app locally everything is fine but after deployment and a little use, I get the same error: “On no. Error running app” but there is nothing in the logs…

myapp : https://kmarule1-oncwzkytayjgbyqzquvtcs.streamlit.app/
mygit : GitHub - GOLDEN-DK/KMARULE1

looks like you have locally an other version of streamlit installed…
may check the version locally and add it to your requirements.txt file.

check official documentation about dependencies for deployment

Thank you for your response.
I fixed the streamlit version of the requirement.txt file, but I still get the error.

May i know the error which you are facing after changing the streamlit version!!!

I get the same error: “On no. Error running app”

According to my understanding, may be your getting out of memory error. Streamlit provides only 1gb of space for deploying the app. Orelse something is happening with your app.