Oh no. Error running app


As of today I started to see an Oh no. Error running app message on my streamlit app. Would someone be able to help me on why this message has began to appear on the app please? As, I cannot see no error messages to determine why this would occur.



I can run the app locally without any issues too.

Please have a look at the deployment console, there should be at least an error message?
I assume it is the issue with the click library, see other threads about this.

I have to re-deploy the app to see the console, couldn’t see it originally.

Thanks for pointing me at the click library issue, that is what was causing the problem. I have now resolved this and the app is running as expected.


I have the same issue I cannot access the console. Did you find a solution?

Are you saying that you cannot access your admin panel, or you just do not see the console when you are there?

If you are having trouble accessing the admin panel, there is usually an issue with accounts or repositories. Did you move or rename anything? If you have similar accounts or repos, double check if anything got mixed up. Sometimes if something is renamed/deleted/moved then Streamlit Cloud doesn’t know what to do. You can try renaming things back so Streamlit can connect to try and remediate the situation by yourself without backend support.

If you are able to get into the admin panel just fine, can you show screen shots of what you see in the context menu for your app and also what the icons look like on the right side of your screen when trying to access your app? Have you tried on different devices, especially say desktop vs mobile in case something is weird with the menu button rendering? Besides trying to get to the console and read the logs, you can also go straight to rebooting the app and start fresh to see if that resolves the display issue.

Hi Vital, it was a browser issue. I switched browsers and it worked as expected.