On_Change events within Form controls


Is it possible to use change events on input controls that reside within a form? For example, I’ve got a selectbox that displays a different list of options depending on the chosen value of another selectbox. In practical terms, I’m trying to refresh a state/province drop down when a country selection changes.

I know this can be done if I remove the form altogether, but that is not desired due to the way in which I’m trying to collect data on the client side and submit it for processing when the user clicks the submit button.

In web development terms, I’m basically trying to re-populate the drop down on the client-side. This would be similar to how JS data binding works in frameworks such as React or Angular.

Any tips or guidance is greatly appreciated!!

I was able to get around this need by using a button within a container that is being dynamically shown based on state data. I then used the button on_click to manage the state object, so that I can hide the container after a user has submitted their input fields.

Hi @KevinMellott91

Glad that you’ve found a solution and thanks for sharing.

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