Open tabs with radio buttons and checkbox

I would like to open through radio buttons and checkbox methods in another browser tab.

For example: when you click on the ‘limpeza de dados’ button, open its contents in another tab.
Could anyone help me with this?


Do you really need as radio button or checkbox? And open a new tab? You can open a new tab with a link or button in HTML using st.markdown(unsafe_allow_html=True)

I did a navigation with radio button as you can see on

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I have no preference for the type of button, (radio and checkbox)… After clicking on the button or link I would like the methods below to be loaded on another page.

Which application has this example?

You can make a link, like this example:

st.markdown('<a target="_blank" href="">Access</a>', unsafe_allow_html=True)

I created a, and when I run on terminal, I call This main file import others streamlits applications.

import home
import pageOne

    "Home": home,
    "Page One": pageOne

def main():
    selection ="Go to", list(PAGES.keys()))

page = PAGES[selection]

with st.spinner(f'Loading {selection} ...'):