Openai module not found

Hi, all, nubie to streamlit deployment here!

Whilst deploying Im getting an error with trying to load the first package on line 'from openai import OpenAI. Im running locally openai 1.6.1. Appreciate any help with this.

  1. link to my app:

  2. link to my repo: GitHub - millfields99/Streamlit-Marvin-ChatBot at master

  3. Error message: File “/mount/src/streamlit-marvin-chatbot/”, line 1, in
    from openai import OpenAI

  4. Im running python 3.11.5 and streamlit 1.29.0

Screenshot 2023-12-25 at 11.34.34

  • There is no requirements.txt file in your github repo.
  • Besides, load_dotenv will not work on streamlit cloud, familiarise yourself with st.secrets

Thanks mate, much appreciated :+1: :+1:

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