OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied - need help with editing package file and/or creating symlink

I am currently getting below error while running my app on streamlit.

It used to run fine until end of July, but in August when spacy latest version upgrade happened, it stopped supporting errant, especially for ‘en’ model. Thereby returning permission error when it runs below line of code:
self.annotator = errant.load(‘en’)

By experimenting on jupyter notebook on my local, I figured that if I can add ‘en_core_web_sm’ model to the init.py of errant package (refer the yellow highlights on attached image of code file), my code will run smoothly like before.

But since these package files are downloaded into streamlit’s virtual environment to which i do not have admin access to make file edits or even create a symlink between ‘en’ and ‘en_core_web_sm’ , I am stuck with the permission denied error.

Could anyone help me with how i can access the package files stored in the OS to make the above code change, or atleast create a symlink between the downloaded packages on the streamlit cloud environment?

Thanks in advance !

It is impossible to access the storage files in the OS. But I have a suggestion that to deploy the app in streamlit with python 3.9 version. May be it will work!

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