Page refresh after select box changes value

Hi everybody.
I’m working on a small dashboard to show me my info from another app API.
I want to show all supported coin combination list & specific coin info.
To select specific coin it needs to be chosen from a list of coins via a selectbox().
As soon as I click or type a new coin combination from the selectbox() the page Refreshes or switches to a different state, idk…
can somebody help me to fix this problem?
All I need is for the app to show me the json file chosen from the coin list.

 import streamlit as st
 import pandas as pd
 def supported_coins(client):
     st.title('Supported Coins')
     symbol = None
     symb_list, ex_info = get_symbol_list(client)
     st.subheader('There are {} supported coin combinations.'.format(len(symb_list)))
     with st.beta_expander('Coin List', expanded=True): 
     with st.beta_expander('Coin data', expanded=True): 
         symbol = st.selectbox(label='Full Coin Discription', options=symb_list)
         if symbol:
             coin_page(symbol, ex_info)
 def coin_page(symbol, info):
     for symb in info['symbols']:
         if symb['symbol'] == symbol:
             searh_result = symb
 def get_symbol_list(client):
     ex_info = client.get_exchange_info()
     symb_list = [ ]
     for symb in ex_info['symbols']:
     return symb_list, ex_info

Yes, in some cases, we do not want to see the man shows running state all the time, it will influence users.
specially, when there has many input and select boxs, this problem is more obvious.
hope streamlit support team can set a switch to permit users to set refresh page all the time or refresh after a button be clicked.

I got this problem tooo !!!
Any solution for now ??