PDF Comparison LLM


Today I want to share with you this PDF Comparison APP.

Tha main idea is to upload 2 or more pdf’s, write some questions (limited to 3), and then show a table with the responses for each question to each pdf document.

Hi Pipe, is you app still up?
I get an error message saying: " You do not have access to this app or it does not exist". I can open apps from other members.

Sorry for the delay,

Right now is running; https://pdf-comparison.streamlit.app/

Your appp has this error now, just fyi. Was keen to see it in action.

RuntimeError: e[91mYour system has an unsupported version of sqlite3. Chroma requires sqlite3 >= 3.35.0.e[0m e[94mPlease visit 🔍 Troubleshooting | Chroma to learn how to upgrade.e[0m

your app doesn’t work. Any comment?

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Try: https://pdf-comparison.streamlit.app/

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