Perform insert operation using st-gsheets-connection in private sheet

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I want to know if I can perform insert operation to the Google Sheet using st.connection? I can see examples of CRUD - but I have a very simple requirement where I just want to perform insert without pulling the data in df. So everytime I click submit button - a new row is created with the submitted data is added to existing records in google sheet.

instead of conn.update(worksheet=“Sheet1”, data=df)
conn.insert(worksheet=“Sheet1”, data=df)


Insert operation does not exist. Have a look at gsheets-connection/streamlit_gsheets/ at main · streamlit/gsheets-connection · GitHub

But your intention can be accomplished with update.

Yes, I can use updates - but the issue with update is that I will have to download dataset and insert a new row to df and pass it back which is resource consuming.

Thanks for the reply.

The overhead should not be that much as inserting (if implemented) still involves at least opening the data file and do the writing. To update, the data is read (opening a file) and then add your new data.