Permission Error When Deploying App

I am getting a “PermissionError” when trying to deploy my app using Streamlit. Here is a link to my app. I am using pyvis to create a network graph using data that was uploaded to my Github repository – repo linked here. It seems like the lines generating the error involve saving and reading the graph as an html file. I am unsure of how to resolve this, so any help is greatly appreciated!

I am getting a “PermissionError” when trying to deploy my app

Error messages are usually more verbose than that, for good reasons…

  • There is a typo in your path
  • Your overall file handling is odd. You open a few files, but don’t close them, that is not recommended. Learn proper file handling in python.

I had spent a long time debugging various errors that popped up when trying to deploy my app, so I guess I assumed it was a more serious error than a simple typo in the path. Thank you for taking a look!

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