Permission errors when running demo-self-driving

I just found a Medium post about streamlit. It looks great. I installed streamlit with no issues, and I can run the simple demos driven from ‘streamlit hello’: very nice. But, when I try to run the “” demo, I get permission errors from a temp folder. But, I have full admin privileges to that temp folder.

Here is a screenshot of the error message:

This bitmap shows that I have full permission for that folder: (Ooops, as a new user I am only allowed to insert one bitmap. I have full control for that folder, but, still I get permission errors?

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem.

Temporary solution was to run it from VS Code terminal - it might be running with better permissions, as I don’t have admin rights on my machine.

Thanks for bringing up this @jth000 and @svilupp. @svilupp are you on Windows as well? Which version of Windows are you on?

When streamlit runs from a url it temporarily downloads the file it is pointed at to a temp directory. Likely, there is a permission problem with the temp directory. Streamlit also watches for modifications of the source files to implement hot-reload and seems this is hitting this codepath. I will go ahead and file a bug for this, I will follow up with a repro and more details on a possible workaround and/or proper fix.

This is the corresponding github issue:

Hi Monchier,

my windows version is: 10.0.17763 Build 17763. As mentioned, I do not have an admin access, so it must be the temp directory issue – fortunately, VS Code terminal runs with better privileges :slight_smile:

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Thanks @svilupp, I will add a note to the github issue. I am happy you can run the demo through the VS Code terminal.