Pie_chart under scatter_geo

from a while, i am trying to create a “map chart”, where (in some locations) i would have a kind of piechart.

i found that the “px.scatter_geo” allows displaying a world map where we can display different kind of distributions.

i want to know if it’s possible to display “pie charts” instead if a simple “dot”.

i used the df = px.data.gapminder() to do a test.
here is the code i am trying to implement :

pop_grouped = df.groupby(['continent', 'iso_alpha'])['pop'].sum().reset_index()
pop_grouped['%S'] = 50
pop_grouped['%P'] = 30
pop_grouped[f'%G'] = 20

Here i want to display by continent, (using the ‘iso_alpha’), a pie chart (%S+%P+%G).

Can anyone help me about this.

thank you all !

Hey @Snow_Yoo,

Have you checked out Plotly’s pie chart functionality? I’d recommend checking out this thread as well

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