Playing many short videos with as little latency as possible on deployed app

I’m looking to deploy an app that presents around 200 videos (10s each) one after the other and people have to respond to the video they just watched.
Ideally it would be something like one video ends and the other starts maybe a second later. Is it even feasible with Streamlit and if so where can I upload the videos such that I can access them quickly without having to download them?

Hi @vmPFCLesioned,

Thanks for posting!

I would make sure the video resolutions are reasonable to cut down on bandwidth and improve loading time (low latency).

You could store your video in the cloud like S3 use streamable URLs and use the to display the videos.

Is there a free option for reliable and quick storage of the videos (Google Drive, maybe)? The videos are maybe 10mb, approximately

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