Playwright executable does not exists

Hello everyone,

I am trying to deploy a streamlit project on streamlit cloud, however I am encountering an issue due to the usage of subprocess call method and the playwryight (I think).

Here is the error message.

CRITICAL:root:Executable doesn't exist at /home/appuser/.cache/ms-playwright/webkit-1609/

Noting that it worked well on my local machine and as I said the function from where the error is triggered is called by method.
Do someone have an idea ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ikhlo, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This happens because you aren’t specifying the proper Python executable. Please see the following knowledge base article:


Hi @randyzwitch,

Thank for your message.
However, I am specifying the proper python executable. Here is my command :

call([f"{sys.executable}",'', hashtag, str(nb_results)])

I have the impression that the streamlit app does not wait the end of the call method…