Please explain better required github permissions

I wanted to try the streamlit cloud, but I faced problems just at the beginning. The streamlit required github permissions and I didn’t undrestand why they are needed in that form.

Full control of repository hooks - in the description there is written “Admin access to repository hooks and services” which sounds dangerous. I really would like to allow such permissions only to a single repository instead of all repositories related to my github account.

At the end I accepted it with a little fear and wanted to continue. But when I am on, and I press “New app” button (or even the “From existing repo…”), streamlit starts to require even more permissions:

Repositories Public and private
This application will be able to read and write all public and private repository data . This includes the following:

Why should I allow such permissions when I just want to share a single application from a single public repository?!
Fortunately I was able to add the application via the direct link:

Could you improve documentation and better explain why do you need the required permissions or even better, would it be possible to give users more power to choose what permissions will they allow to streamlit?

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I thought the same thing, this is dangerous, I really wanted to use Streamlit Cloud, but unfortunately I cannot agree with those terms.