Please help me with some questions about selectbox, thank you

I need the selectbox default value to be a string such as: please select and then the data list to be all values of pd.DataFrame. How do I implement this function?

list_ip2 = pd.DataFrame(get_list2())
option = st.selectbox('plese select ',option=list_ip2)

I wanted to add a default boot string to the selectbox to help the user click on the corresponding value, but when I used the DataFrame, I didnโ€™t get what I wanted

After the program runs, the selectbox automatically executes the value of the first line. I want the user to select the corresponding option before executing it. For example, I want the effect to be as follows:

option = st.selectbox('select',option='Please select',pd.DataFrame())

Hey @Janexiaoer,

Sorry for the late response on this. It sounds like youโ€™re looking to pass a DataFrame as the options for your st.selectbox, which you can do via the following:

import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st

data = {
"values": [420, 380, 390],

df = pd.DataFrame(data)
option = st.selectbox('Select an option ',options=df)

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