I’ve been working with the great « plotly_events » component that allow me to catch when a user has clicked on my chart and adjust the result in streamlit.

I’m using a lot a Plotly treemap, I was using streamlit version == 1.11.0 but any higher version break the interaction between Plotly charts and plotly_events within streamlit. It results with treemap chart where the title disappear once the user has clicked somewhere and with blank tiles.

I spend some time trying to identify the source of the problem and it’s definitely the changes that occurs in streamlit after the 1.11.0 version that works wonderfully.

I’ve noticed that this error only occurs with treemap but Line and Bar charts seems working fine.

For the moment I will keep my streamlit version at 1.11.0 but I’m curious if anybody had the same issue and found a fix for this.


Hey @Kevin2,

Thanks for flagging this! I have heard of some issues with using streamlit_plotly_events with more recent versions of Streamlit (this thread, for example).

There doesn’t seem to be a GitHub Issues section in the GitHub repo for the streamlit_plotly_event component – I’d usually recommend sharing there so the component creator will be notified. I believe that @null-jones is the creator of the component – they might be able to comment on this?