Plotly label placeholders

I’m close to finsihing my app, however fixing something (subplots and multipul y aixs), has also removed a feature I can’t find any documentation on, which I can only describe as is label placeholders for the plot titles and axis.

Here is a image from before my changes:

And After:

Does anyone know how I would be able to get the back? The only other option is to add a text_input field for each axis, which is cumbersome compared to the first image.

Hi @seanbf,

This is a known Plotly issue. When the editable config option is set to True:

  1. One is able to edit the plot title and axes labels, but
  2. Selection of drawn shapes is disabled

You’ll notice this issue occurs even when using Plotly in a standalone Python script, without any st calls.

Currently, you can either edit the plot titles and axes labels or select drawn shapes, but not both. Hope someone else from the community has a workaround!

Happy Streamlit’ing! :balloon:

Thanks Snehan,

You’ve answeared both of my questions, unfortunately they are both related to each other :). I’ll disable the shape drawing / removal for now.

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