Plotly maps on mobile devices

Hi everyone!

In the last few months I developed and mantained a simple COVID tracker for Italian data using Streamlit ( My issue is about the plotly map (scatter_geo): while it looks fine on desktop, it appears horribly shrinked on a mobile device (see image below).

Is there any way (dirty workarounds included) to make it looks better? I understand that a map would never looks awesome on mobile, but it would be nice to have at least more width and less white space. Is possible, for instance, to set different values of “height” and “size_max” for the mobile version? Or at least make them scale differently?

The code generating the map is the following:

map_config={"scrollZoom": False, "displayModeBar": False}
reg_map=px.scatter_geo (df_reg_ranking, lat="lat", lon="long", size="totale_positivi", 
    center={"lat": 41.9145, "lon": 12.3343},
    labels={"totale_positivi": "Casi positivi"},
    hover_data={"lat": False, "long": False},
    title="Casi attualmente positivi per regione")
reg_map.update_geos (fitbounds="locations", resolution=50)
st.plotly_chart (reg_map, use_container_width=True, config=map_config)

The full source code of the app is here:

Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions on addressing this issue!