Plotting libraries that support on_click events


I have a pandas dataframe, it has a few attributes such as name, salary, domain and coordinates. I need a plotting library that can plot these points on a scatter plot, where the .points will display the information on hover and will also perform certain actions if we click that point.

I have used plotly, but the on_click functionality is not implemented on Streamlit. There is a separate library called streamlit plotly events, but it seems its outdated because it produces a black and white plot. I am also free to use any other library if it fulfills my conditions

Additional information

There are some relevant codes I think which would help

Code snippet:

# sample pandas dataframe with one row:
dict1 = {'name': ['John'],
         'company': ['GreenStone'],
         'salary': [1000],
df = pd.DataFrame(dict1)

#i am using plotly, but I can use other libraries too

import as px

fig =px.scatter(df, x='x', y='y', size = 'salary',
                            hover_data= hover_dict)

def open_text(trace, points, selector):
    #do something[0].on_click(open_text)

Expected behavior:

open_text function executes

Actual behavior:

nothing happens

Hi @Ayanjit_Chatterjee

Altair is another great plotting library that you can try out. Hereโ€™s a gallery page showing interactive features that you can implement on your plot:

Hope this helps!

Does it support on click events? To my knowledge it doesnโ€™t.