Pop-up in the label of streamlit.slider

Hi, I would like to have a pop-up when I hover around a section of the streamlit.slider label (“more info” in the code below). Also, I would like to have hyperlinks within the pop-up text.

import streamlit as st 
popup_text = '''Your risk of this disease grows as you age. [more info](https://www.google.com/)''' 
age = st.slider(label = 'What is your age?', min_value=18, max_value=120)

Hi @omoyanre

You can use the help attribute on the slider widget for that.

popup_text = """Your risk of this disease grows as you age. [more info](https://www.google.com/)"""
age = st.slider(label="What is your age?", min_value=18, max_value=120, help=popup_text)

@CarlosSerrano Thanks for the response. I would ideally want to customize the tooltip icon with some text, and have it close to the label. Please see the attached screenshot

You can place that url on the label, but to alter the tooltip, you might need to do some CSS overrides.

I will prefer to have the “popup_text” pop up when I click on or over around “[understand the connection to cancer]”. Any help from the community will be appreciated.

You can technically do this with CSS overrides using the StylableContainer custom component from streamlit-extras. Here is an example.

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_extras.stylable_container import stylable_container

popup_text = """Your risk of this disease grows as you age. """
popup_text_url = "[More info](https://www.google.com/)"
with stylable_container(
    age = st.slider(
        label="What is your age? ",

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, @CarlosSerrano. This will help me a lot.

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