Positioning out of order st.form widgets

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    Streamlit version: 1.30.0
    Python version: 3.11.5

As described in the image, I want ticking a checkbox to not rerun the script (and this requires st.form as I understand).

  1. Using st.form context manager → StreamlitAPIException: With forms, callbacks can only be defined on the st.form_submit_button. Defining callbacks on other widgets inside a form is not allowed. This is because the magnifying glass has a callback.

  2. So I tried without the context manager:

form = st.form(key="query_results", clear_on_submit=True)
item_col1, item_col2, item_col3 = st.columns(
    [0.3, 0.69, 0.01]
with item_col1:
with item_col3:
        label="Export to disk",

but this just moves all the checkboxes together.

Is there an easy solution to this?

Ended up having to wrestle the st.session_state and not use st.form at all.

  1. Create a callback on the on_click of the checkbox to update the st.session_state.checkbox_interaction to True. The intention is to use this to skip any expensive operations (or anything that you don’t want to trigger during the re-run)
  2. At the end of the section change st.session_state.checkbox_interaction to False, in case the user interacts with non-checkbox related widgets. I thought about attaching st.session_state.checkbox_interaction → False to all the non-checkbox related widgets directly, but that would require too many changes, at least the trade off is not worth the effort… for now.

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