Possible the color when you hover over the st.sidebar?

Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if you knew how I could also hover over the st.sidebar.expander, st.write and/or checkbox elements. For example:

    with st.sidebar.expander("Holidays"):

    evaluate = st.sidebar.checkbox(
        "Evaluate my model", value=True, help=readme["tooltips"]["choice_eval"]

“Launch forecast”,

st.error(“Please check at least ‘Evaluation’ or ‘Forecast’ in the sidebar.”)

st.write(“# 3. Impact of components and regressors”

Hey @valeriofiorentini,

Here’s an example for st.expander:

import streamlit as st

with st.expander("Expand me"):
    st.write("Hello world")

.streamlit-expander:hover {{
    background-color: blue;
st.markdown(f'<style>{css}</style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)

HI! I wanted the writing to become blue, not the background, do you have any suggestions? Now the standard color is red and I would like to change it
Schermata del 2023-10-05 13-18-34

At least for me with streamlit==1.29.0, using .streamlit-expander:hover for adding custom css does nothing.
I want to change the font, since .streamlit-expander defaults to a very small font size, but I can’t even get your provided example working. Any ideas?