Possible to access webcam realtime in a streamlit app?

I want to try and build a realtime multi digit recognition app for work, but I am unsure how to interface with a webcam through a browser.

Can someone point me in the right direction to interface a webcam with streamlit?

Hey @peterstorm :wave: ,

This seems like an awesome project. If it isn’t confidential we’d love to see it when finished :blush:. @robmarkcole has a repo where he is doing FBS webcam display through Streamlit. Here is a link to the forum topic discussing it. Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you’re looking for different functionality!

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That definitely seems usable, but I guess I was more looking at an API that could give the browser access to the webcam, and then streamlit - but I think I can make your linked example work :slight_smile:


Hi @peterstorm
your use case sounds interesting, let me know if I can assist