Pre-populated Input drop down

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to python and streamlit…I am trying to create a functionality where users can type in a company ticker or name and the input field dropdown will prepopulate with available options (lets say 5). I am trying to implement the functionality by requesting the api endpoint “search” … ie.

Please let me know if I am approaching this correctly and if so, how can I implement it in streamlit. I understand that I can upload the data in csv and implement it through selectbox but would like to implement a more robust process.

Thank you in advance!!!

Hi @IceMan718, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Streamlit doesn’t support this sort of functionality at the moment, as it would be difficult to generically support URLs like you have. However, if you have a massive list in the drop-down, that sort of search is built-in. So a user that types ‘A’ would get all of the ticker symbols starting with ‘A’