Problem deploying with psycopg2

I am trying to deploy an app about cycling.

I have this problem and I don´t know how to solve it :

Thanks in advance for your support

Please share the link to your public github repo.

Hello Franky

Find attached the link:

Fixes see my pull request on github.
However this won’t work either, because you try to access a database on localhost, which does not exist on streamlit cloud.

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Thank you so much for your support.

It´s my second app, also I need to upload it on a database online, ¿What is the best option?

Hi @Franky1 , I have a problem, the app is not working with the Amazon RDS db, is my first app with an external database.

Also, in local all the things are working.

Thanks in advance for your support

  • Don’t put your credentials on github
  • Read this in the docs how to use secrets on streamlit cloud:

Secrets management - Streamlit Docs