Problem of cloning files stored with Git LFS


I want to start to thank you for this amazing project!

I created an app to share in Steramlit but the files stored with Git LFS are not well cloned from my repo (my repo : GitHub - Cyalas/NaimAI , example of file stored with Git LFS : paper2/deps/encoder.pkl).

I’d be thankful if you have any idea ? I’ve spent about one two days on this ^^’.

Thank you

I had a problem with git lfs too. In the meanwhile, you can try my solution, storing the heavy files on a dropbox and loading them at the first use of the app. I still have other problem tho.

Thanks for the anwer! I thought about it actually eventhough I could pay extra for my files size (that’s what happened to you I guess?). I ended up using Amazon S3 but had other problems… Now, I’m using Docker & deploying on AWS (or GCP). I’m having new problems though but hopefully it’s the right thing… :slight_smile:

I have the feeling that even if you rent a bigger space on github lfs (>1Go) or other solutions, when Streamlit create its environment it will download everything from the previous platform but it won’t work until you don’t rent more space on Streamlit too (more than 1Go for free account). :thinking:

In the end, I chose a lighter model in my case but it’s too bad that the first pricing starts at 40$ and only for 3Go :woozy_face:. I hope they plan to change that in the future.

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