Error occur while deploying my app on Streamlit Cloud

I uploaded my project-related files on GitHub, but the app error occurred while deploying. Please help me resolve this issue-

You are using Git-LFS and a model with > 1.5GB size, this probably exceeds the bandwidth quota of your non-premium Github.

Yes, I have uploaded an ml model size > 1.5GB using GitHub lfs. So is this why it shows an error while cloning on streamlit cloud? If yes, then please tell me what should I do?

This is a GitHub problem/limitation and not related to streamlit cloud.
Possible options:

  • Buy a premium version of GitHub
  • Use a smaller model
  • Store your model somewhere else and load it during runtime

But it shows it was successfully uploaded to the GitHub repository.

Ok, so it means that even if I see the model on GitHub uploaded but in reality, it is not, and due to that there are errors occur when deploying, right?

Yes, something like that. If you look at the file on GitHub, you will only see a kind of “pointer file” to each of the files that are under Git-LFS control. But when the bandwidth limit is exceeded, the actual files are no longer downloaded, if you run a git clone or git pull command.

Thanks for answering. Actually, I am looking for a text summarization model for my python project. Have you know any model or any free API service, if yes then please tell me